Are you a lover of streets that lined with palm trees, beautiful weather, and gorgeous beaches? Then I can highly recommend that you travel to this region of San Diego. A friend of mine told me about this place. He works at All American Pest Control in Orlando Florida His work gives him a vacation every year and this is his favorite area to visit.

These are the four best day trips in San Diego:

1. Visit a few wineries in Temecula Valley

Temecula is in an area that is approximately one hour’s drive from San Diego. It might not be among the famous wine areas in the world, but if you can’t make it to Napa Valley, then Temecula is the best alternative.

Most of the vineyards here a run as family businesses, though small they have won several awards. Almost all of the wineries in Temecula are to the right off Rancho California road; this makes the region the most convenient for a road trip in wine tasting. You only need to take that drive off Rancho California and have a stopover at any winery that will appeal to you. Even if you stop at the very first that you come to, you can still drive past all the others because checking out the different property styles, and vineyards in the region also pose a great sight. The best wineries in the area are Europa Village and Wilson Greek.

Most of these wineries close at five pm so do not drive there too late.

2. Go gemstone mining at the Oceanview Gem mine and the Pala Chief Mine.

A lot of San Diegans are not aware of this that there is a gemstones mine which is still in active use and not far from Temecula. Visitors are not allowed into the shaft due to safety reasons. But that might be better because they chop them for you and you watch out to see if there are any hidden gems in the rocks. This place is the best to take a day trip with kids.

It will be a good experience, and you will learn a lot of things about the gemstones. After some lessons from the experts there you will differentiate between clay, quartz, and tourmaline.

3. Eat Apple pie in Julian

Julian is located in the mountains and still maintains its adorable scenery and history of gold mining. Nowadays it is well known for having a lot of apple orchids and an array of apple pie bakeries. You could not recount your visit to the town if you did not have an apple pie bite. The best apple pie company and recommended most is the Julian pie Company that lies at Julian’s main street. It so famous and attracts a lot of people, so be ready to wait in line for your turn to have a bite of the apple pie.

4. Get a taste of Mexico in Tijuana

San Diego lies on the Mexico border. Just across it, you will find Tijuana. It is not among Mexico’s most beautiful towns, but it offers the best offers in the shopping, delicious tacos, many restaurants, and bars. It is easy to drive to Tijuana and experience a different country within a day. It is a town has so much to offer any traveler.


If you decide to take a day trip to San Diego, you can choose any of the above areas. Always remember to stay safe by observing all the safety measures as you travel.