Amusement parks are definitely a place people tend to go and have great fun and enjoy themselves. And couples are not exempted as they catch romantic cruises in these parks. There are several amusement parks around the world, and Discovery Cove is one of the most prominent parks. Opened to the public on the 1st of July, 2000, the park is almost a decade in operation and it is still going strong – how about that for consistency?

It is owned by the SeaWorld parks and Entertainment with affiliations to SeaWorld Orlando and Aquatica Orlando.

While many critics are cynical about the success of the park, especially its two decades stretch, the reasons for the impressive performance of the cove aren’t farfetched. The amazing structure and various attractions of the park are enough to put it on the world stage.

One of the distinctive features of the Discovery Cove is its touch with the aquatic nature. It provides a serene and safe environment where guests can, in fact, interact with various aqua animals including the spectacular bottlenose dolphins.

While at Discovery Cove, there is free access for guests to have all kinds of interactions with the dolphins. They can touch, feel, swim and even have a funny conversation with the beautiful amphibians.

Reservations for the cove are on more stringent basis as the park runs on an all-inclusive plan which covers lodging, feeding, and all sorts of basic conveniences. In fact, only a maximum of 1300 patrons are allowed into the park at a set time for quality measures. Entry into the park also covers tickets to SeaWorld Orlando, Aquatica Orlando or Busch Gardens Tampa.

Another great side attraction in the park is the abundance of private recreational huts that can be rented for friends and family relaxation and bonding moments.

Availability of three different entry plans is also one of the pros of the cove. They provide a plan for “dolphin swim”, “non-dolphin swim” and “Trainer for a day”. These plans are all subscribed to making the most of your time in the park.

Besides the fact that the park is located in one of the most beautiful places in the world, that is Orlando, Florida. It has a Coral reef which contains thousands of fishes with the wild species like the tigerfish located within tanks in the confines of transparent protective glass.

Another exciting feature that will amaze you is the Grand Reef. It was opened newly in June 2011 to serve as a new attraction for the increasing number of guests in the cove. It involves different amazing recreational activities like snorkeling with eagle rays among others. The Grand Reef is defined by a white sand beach, underwater caves that are filled with beautiful fishes and yes, not to forget the remarkable palm decorated Island.

Now, let’s talk about the distinctive aviary of the park. It has more than 250 birds cut across different species. Who doesn’t like the parrot and its garrulous nature? The aviary, a free flight arena, is really a sight to behold as the different exotic birds display their elegance in the best ways.

A tropical river cuts across the aviary and encloses the park around which gives an avenue for patrons to cruise along to see beautiful sights of the beach, waterfalls, and rainforest.

Though the cove started with just 15 acres of land, it has expanded to 22 acres over the years without ceasing to provide a remarkable environment for relations between people and aquatic animals.

It’s one of the most outstanding places in the world for recreation, and its closeness to nature is admirable.